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Where Severus Snape, Randomness and Eggs are worshipped above all else

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A place for lovers of Harry Potter character sketches

(this lovely image was made by ashwinder_eggs, all bow to image queen)

About A Community
We originated as a small and close-knit community on fanfiction.net, we hope to evolve into a revolutionary and sketch-supporting world phenomenon! Viva la Revolution!

Our Aims
♥ To encourage and support writers of character sketches
♥ To provide a space of friendship and love where members feel involved
♥ To gain a better understanding of our beloved characters
♥ To create friendships based on our shared love of writing

♥ Harry Potter fanfiction only thank you!
♥ Any member who acts in a deliberatley rude and bullying manner will immediately be banned
♥ Constructive Criticism is wonderful, being mean is not.
♥ Please don't spam this community with self-promotion
♥ If you expect people to review your work, reviews theirs too!
♥ Love and be loved ♥

News and such
♥ We are about to embark on a journey - in which we will each write a chapter of a Teddy Lupin fic
♥ For more information see here http://community.livejournal.com/roundrobingals/